Get ready to shake!

PinSound’s amazing shaker and relay controller for pinball machines

Gameplay synchronized

Hundreds of trigger possibilities

Easy to install

No technical skills needed

3 levels of power


12+ vibration patterns

“Impact”, “Rumble”, “Explosion” etc… + unlimited customization

Relay output to control extra devices

Topper, beacon, fog machines, lightsaber…

What you (may) think about it!

The Motion Control is a shaker kit (control board + shaker motor) designed to be easy to install. The Motion Control will be connected to the PinSound board (version 1 or PLUS), on the extension port.

Upgrade your favorite pinball game (Bally Williams WPC, DataEast, Sega/Stern Whitestar) with a real shaker and enter another dimension while playing! Once your machine is supported (new games every week), the Motion Control will allow you to enjoy an immersive shaker experience thanks to the synchronized gameplay technology.

You can also take advantage of the seconday “relay output” of the Motion Control, and easily control any extra mod or device (beacon, fog machine, ligh-saber, etc…)

Motion Control main features

Worldwide shipping

Compatible with 100+ pinball machines!

Motion Control shaker kit has been designed to be installed in most of Bally Williams WPC, Data East and Stern/SEGA pinball machines.

List of supported machines


Bally Williams WPC pinballs: The Getaway: High Speed II | Black Rose | Creature From The Black Lagoon | Doctor Who | Dracula | Fish Tales | Funhouse | Funhouse Rudy’s Nightmare 2.0 |  Gilligan’s Island | Harley-Davidson | Hurricane | Party Zone | Terminator 2 | The Addams Family | The Machine: Bride of Pin-bot | Twilight Zone | White Water

Bally Williams WPC DCS pinballs: Corvette | Demolition Man | Dirty Harry | Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure | Indianapolis 500 | Jack-Bot | Johnny Mnemonic | Judge Dredd | No Fear: Dangerous Sports | Popeye Saves the Earth | Red & Ted’s Road Show | Star Trek: The Next Generation | The Flinstones | The Shadow | Theatre Of Magic | WHO Dunnit | World Cup Soccer

Bally Williams WPC 95 pinballs: Attack From Mars | Cactus Canyon | Cirqus Voltaire | Congo | Junk Yard | Medieval Madness | Monster Bash | NBA Fastbreak | No Good Gofers | Safe Cracker | Scared Stiff | Tales Of The Arabian Nights | The Champion Pub


DataEast pinballs: Adventures of Rocky And Bullwinkle And Friends | Batman | Batman Forever | Baywatch | Guns N Roses | Hool | Jurassic Park | Last Action Hero | Lethal Weapon 3 | Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein | Maverick The Movie | Star Trek | Star Wars | Tales From The Crypt | Tommy Pinball Wizard | WWF Royal Rumble


Stern Whitestar pinballs: Austin Powers | Elvis | Grand Prix | Harley Davidson | High Roller Casino | Monopoly | NASCAR | NFL | Playboy | Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! | Rollercoaster Tycoon | Sharkey’s Shootout | Striker Xtreme | Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines | The Lord Of The Rings | The Simpsons Pinball Party | The Sopranos

SEGA pinballs: Appolo 13 | Godzilla | Goldneye | Independance Day | Lost In Space | South Park | Space Jam | Star Wars Trilogy | Starship Troopers | The Lost World Jurassic Park | The X Files | Twister | Viper Night Drivin’

You can tune the shaker behaviour with new PinSound Studio Pro.

It’s easy to create a shakerization, it takes about 15 minutes and fine-tuning possibilities are unlimited!


List of supported machines

You don’t want to do it yourself? We got you covered! Official shaker packages will be released every week.

Shaker packages already released

Indiana Jones
Creature from the black lagoon
Getaway HSII
The Addams Family
Twilight Zone
Star Wars (Data-East)
Attack From Mars
Terminator 2
Star Trek The Next Generation
Tommy The Who
Monster Bash
Jurassic Park (Data-East)
Terminator 3
Star Trek (Data-East)
Batman Forever
Medieval Madness
Guns'N Roses
Doctor Who
Lord Of The Rings
Bride of Pinbot
Fish Tales
The Simpsons Party Pinball
Funhouse Rudy's Nightmare 2.0
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Batman (Data-East)
World Cup Soccer 94
Judge Dredd
Dirty Harry

Unlock your creativity

Connect, control, synchronize your own external devices and mods

Motion Control board has a “Relay Output” feature so you can control an extra mod or any electrical devices.

Wide power range

Control any device using from 5VDC to 110/230VAC volts

Event triggered

Activate your device on special game events

Customizable behaviour

Choose your own triggers and customize running time with PinSound Studio Pro

Motion Control relay output works as a triggered “switch” controlling the power supply of a device so you can plug in a wide range of electrical device. Bellow are some examples of common but cool devices you could easily connect and control with Motion Control relay output feature.

Technical specification

A very reliable control board and a high quality shaker motor

2 years warranty

Like every PinSound product, Motion Control is designed to offer a high and long-lasting quality. Motion Control has been designed and manufactured to be the more resistant and reliable possible, it’s covered by a 2-years warranty and will be replaced if anything happens due to materials or manufacturing defects.